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Enterprise Network Configuration Assistant Tool

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Our mission: Secure deployment of IEEE 802.1X for everybody

Customisation of installers: Premium features

Feature Standard Premium Enterprise
Specify supported EAP types
Specify one or more trusted Certification Authorities
Configure expected EAP server name(s)
Specify all WPA2/AES SSID(s) for which the settings apply one SSID
Different profiles for different user groups one profile
Ability to additionally configure WPA/TKIP support
Add own logo to installers (currently Windows installers only)
Display & require acknowledgement of your own Terms of Use
Helpdesk Details: show on download page, embed in installers
Custom text to precede installer download (user hints)
Redirect some platforms to your own support page
Fully configurable IdP name (remove '[1X-CONFIG #x]' prefix)
Verbose description of your deployment profile on download page
Ad-free download page
Hide profiles from public download page (admin access only)
Digitally signed installers
Removal of our CAT logo from installers
E-Mail Support for Administrators
Price FREE
0,00 €/month
5,00 €/month
50,00 €/month

There is no need to decide upfront - sign up for a standard account first, and upgrade to premium at any time later.